Different Type of Phobias


Most people have fear of several things such as water, height, fight, death, clouds and many more. However, there are some people whose fear turns into phobias. When fear becomes unreasonable and extreme, it becomes a phobia.

Phobia is a constant fear of certain things, activities, situations or even people. It is a mental disorder, which if not looked at, can interrupt someone’s personal, economic or social life. It may be rooted to a traumatic situation which someone cannot overcome. Fear to a certain range, and of some things is normal. However, some individuals have phobias of very common things which are harmless. Thousands of phobias have been recognized including phobophobia – fear of phobias. Below are different types of phobias.

Types of phobias

1. Agoraphobia – fear of public places

A person with agoraphobia is afraid of public places such as banks, schools or a bridge. Agoraphobia affects women more than men, and if untreated, it can lead to someone being housebound.

2. Social phobia – beyond shyness

A person with social phobia is not only shy he or she feels anxiety and fear about how he will perform in a social situation. Will other people be able to tell he is anxious? Will he or she be able to talk in front of people? If untreated, social phobia can have a negative impact on someone’s relationships and professional life.

3. Claustrophobia – fear of being in enclosed place

Claustrophobia is strange fear of being in enclosed place. Someone with claustrophobia cannot go through tunnels or hide in elevator without feeling extreme anxiety. He or she is afraid of being trapped or suffocating. They will always engage in safe seeking behavior such as sitting near the door or opening windows.

4. Zoophobia – fear of animals

Zoophobia is a very common type of phobia. However, zoophobia is a general term that describes phobias involving all animals. For instance, arachnophobia – fear or spiders, ophidiophobia – fear of snakes, and apiphobia – fear of bees. Some of these fears develop in childhood and sometimes go away as the child ages.

7. Brontophobia – fear of thunder

Bonte is a Greek word of thunder. Even though many people do realize that thunders cannot hurt them, they may refuse to go out during a thunderstorm. They may even hide in a closet to avoid the sound of thunder.

8. Acrophobia – fear of heights

This is an excessive fear of heights. A person cannot imagine walking up or climbing a ladder. In some cases, the fear is so great that a person cannot move. It is a common phobia experienced by many people.

9. Aerophobia – fear to fly

Some people are afraid to fly. The phobia develops after a person has a shocking experience involving an airplane like being hijacked or witnessing a passage having a panic attack. The fear can also be triggered by watching a movie of a plane crash.

10. Ablutophobia – fear of cleaning

Ablutophia is the phobia of washing, bathing and cleaning. It is usually found in children and women who are not emotionally stable.

11. Chorophobia – fear of dancing in front of people

Even though dancing is an expression happiness and joy, some people have a phobia of dancing.